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Can I use this as database to upgrade the Mut 21 coins rosters? I don't own M21 but would really like to start a new franchise mode in M20 with the current rosters and development characteristics and this tool appears to have all the info I need. It's pretty much exactly the same except I didn't have the Talent search tab. Will it work with the M21 Companion Program though? Can't figure out this on a Mac. Can it be Windows compatible only? It should work for Mac too. What type of error are you running into? The data is not repopulating after I hit refresh all. Not quite familiar with this part of excel though could be something im doing wrong. Use the very same steps as above but rather, redirect the origin to the group's CSV file.

This is great. Running into the same problems but I don't have a Microsoft 365 account that may be it. Basically I don't see a queries and link section. Just data and then connections and new database query but I don't see queries and link. You'll need to set up powerpivot and powerquery in case you have excel. These aren't available for the Mac versions of Excel. I envision then given its use of this companion program there's not any way to utilize this for offline franchises? Yes, unfortunately you have to use an online franchise even if it's just a league of your own. I'm beyond pumped to use it! Just wish I could fantasy draft one was all. Thanks so far. I added a"Talent Search" to make it easier for Buy Mut 21 coins you to try to find a particular type of participant. Search by age, complete, speed, acceleration, agility, power, throw power and throw accuracy. I have fixed the Net Pts. It's currently calculating correctly. Be certain to re-download the most recent document and update the data source to your players.csv and groups.