I have been working on this site to EVE echoes

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In terms of the estimated prices: I just updated the algorithm that I use to eve echoes isk generate the sell/buy prices. I think that it's a little bit better in fitting what people are expecting. Let me know if they look better to you.Wells make certain you indicate they add an API for the market information. It is better that they do it for actual than encourage scraping or other methods, IMO.Of program, the recent video made it look as they couldn't even determine corporate logs; the market is larger than that. Heh.

I have been working on this site to reveal cost histories for each the things in Eve Echoes. I only have history for the last week or so. I'm going to keep on advancing on this, so if anyone has feedback I would really like to hear it!The volumes are of exactly what? Trades? If this is so, I have looked at some things that I exchange and I have sold far in excess of your suggested volumes in the previous two days alone. Where are you obtaining the information?

It is possible to see my other comment, but I am just estimating quantity based on comparing the number of sells/buys every time that I check each item (and attempting to keep an eye on orders that are the exact same both times). It certainly under-estimates the volumes due to transactions that are created and fulfilled in between those two checks. It is maybe more useful to have the ability to see relative data for the time being. Also, the numbers you see will be for ~3 hour collections (I already have a TODO to include up the last day's worth of amounts ), which could explain why they appear low. If you have better ideas on how best to estimate it, I would really like to hear them! This was just the best way I could think of to test given the data that I have.

How can you get this data, especially on volume?Volume is merely estimated, but it's basically only calculated by comparing the amount of buy/sells for any given thing. the last time I checked for that merchandise. For the other data, I am basically just scraping the information from the match. I'm unsure exactly what is allowed, so I'm not certain if I need to give out more details.As a fellow programmer (full stack) I'd love to find out more about how you did this! I'd downloaded wireshark to try myself but I'm afraid my present understanding ends there. Was looking into inspecting the packets but that's as far as I've gotten.

I understand your reluctance with sharing and would really like to take this to PMs. I would also like to help out in the event that you've got a repository?I've produced a discord bot that looks at costs of everything and figures out what is most rewarding to EVE Mobile ISK For Sale manufacture.