Likely gonna hey although get downvoted

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This comes up every year and when each the men and women who were willing to mut coins madden 21 boycott did not buy the game EA wouldn't even notice the difference. They make 400+ mil a year. They would lose like Madden 20 mil at most. This was the earliest I've seen them give up on a madden season and I thought last year was bad.

I have seen a lot of articles about attempting to"boycott" Madden NFL 21, as a result of inability to fix the game manners, and keeping the same features the previous 3 or so Maddens. I myself will purchase Madden and okay MUT, not the pleasure of grinding to create the best team possible, although for using spending money to sweat off my butt. I tell you if I started beginning of this year I didn't know shit about the way the power worked, how sets worked, etc..

Nah the match is shitty and Im addicted to mut so that I dont buy it every year. I began mut a week or two before and bought the game a few months, so the time was pretty good. If I buy the game its gont affect my social life negatively. Not purchasing as of now, if I do it'll be a franchise/ non mut. The trailer gave me no indication that it's gonna be even much better. The trailer has been reused animations from this year. Another year of mut and I can't play like this one. I performed with 18 and skipped 19 because for same reason. Does anybody know if you're able to import rosters just like you can in NCAA? Add out of mut from the UL cards and I would like to do a franchise. I don't want to spend a few hrs at the production center but when I have to I will(simply ht wt and stats).

Likely gonna hey although get downvoted. I'm going with all the mvp version. I wish to get the head start. Pretty much everyone in this sub will get loyalty reward for 10% off so I'm only spending 90 bucks. Since if Lamar is auctioanble simple 150k at the start plus all the team that is gold packs in my opinion it's well worth it. Also a simple way to get to see the animations. It is going to be cool to get the head start considering when I will begin school 21, I really don't know. Unless the freebies look less than desired I will purchase at least 50 no more than $100 at mut points to cheap Mut 21 coins begin my 38, yes I will purchase it I shall Purchase the version and we'll see where it goes from there