That This Game Was And Still

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PSO2 has been pretty much the only sport I've played for such a very long time, besides a long break during episode 4, that this Meseta pso2 game was and still is to a large extent a habitual game for me even when I feel tired of it at several facets. So considering it being in a sense over leaves me with an empty kind of sense.

Yeah I got goosebumps and a very similar nostalgic feeling. I get the exact same listening to the episode 3 end, since that was the height of the matches celebrity in Japan and if my best friends still consistently played. I miss spamming akarin together and annoying mpas quite a little.

Three distinct characters in multiple different costumes! More in comments.

What time zone will PSO2 NA go by?

For the P3D and P5D event it has a time table but it does not say which time zone it follows, does anyone know what time zone it is?

But if ever wondering what time zone something is compared to yours, you can Google the time code and it will show you the current time in that zone without needing to click an actual site.

There is also another PSO2 day on the 22nd of every month, but the boosts on that day are just for premium users.

Does this make sense to start playing PSO2 today?

So PSO2 has been released on Steam and I'm curious, I wish to try it.

My question is, should PSO2: New Genesis is coming next season and I'll need to make a personality from scratch anyhow, what is the purpose of starting today? If you think I need to, can you tell me why? . .

'cuz PSO2:NGS, while more or less a fresh match, has a lot of carry over from PSO2. Plus, the original Buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta will continue to be accessible.